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ATTENTION: To all self-publishers who are looking to scale up their business….

"Accelerate your Keyword Research on Audible™ and on Amazon™ with THIS Simple Tool Thanks to Web Scraping"

Here’s How to Find Profitable Keywords in a few seconds!

Do you Want to Quickly Analyze Keywords on Amazon™ and Audible™ in 1 Click in All Markets and Find Profitable Ones Right Away Without Wasting Time?

A Letter for you, from Self publisher to Self publisher:

My name is Riccardo Lorè and I’m a Self-Publisher just like you..

I’m the CEO of Audiosuite, a tool that allows you to quickly analyze keywords on Amazon™ and on  Audible™ in a few seconds in 1 Click.

I’m writing to you because I want to let you know how I created the software that allowed me to drastically speed up the search for kw on Audible™ and on Amazon™ …

You must know that in addition to self publishing, I am also a computer programmer who has always worked full-time as an employee …

Everything started that rainy Thursday evening, while I found myself sitting in front of the PC as every evening, looking for an effective solution to that piece of code that had been entrusted to me by my boss …

But this time it was different …

I had to develop an application for my company, which would allow you to extract data from websites in a versatile and fast way, in order to then be able to manipulate them and use them for statistical purposes …

I was really frustrated …

Until then I had never been asked for anything like this …

… nothing that was so sophisticated, and I assure you that that trainee contract really caused me anxiety, a lot of anxiety.

I was sweating cold …

By the next day I was supposed to deliver the working program, but I had no idea how to do it, let alone I thought I would be able to deliver all the next day!

After hours and hours, after researching over 10 sites I managed to find a system called Web Scaping, which allows you to …

…extract data from any website and manipolate it very quickly!

It was exactly what I was looking for!

At that moment I had not yet realized, but a few minutes later a light bulb turned on!

I had just started my first online business, Self publishing, and I had noticed that it was not so easy to find profitable kw in audio optics …

… because among the books on the front page of Audible™ you could not understand what the BSR of those books was, and on Amazon™ you had to open book by book to see it!

Usually I spent a lot of time analyzing all the books on the front page, comparing if they sold and figuring out how many books were under 100k or 50k …

But now everything was different!

With the technique of Web Scraping I could have created an application that would have improved the Self publishing business for me and thousands of other people like me!

That’s why after delivering the work that the boss had asked me in time, I started to develop this incredible application that uses this system!

I called it Audiosuite, and this is all it allows you to do:


A real professional software that can speed up keyword analysis on Amazon and Audible with many additional features

Quick and Reliable Analysis

With just 1 click you can analyze each keyword and check the BSR of each book in Kindle, Paperback and Audio formats, including publication date in any Amazon™ and Audible™ marketplace

Automated Keyword Research

Enter an input keyword and analyze any Amazon™ self-suggested keyword in any marketplace, on Kindle/Books, and on Audible™ finding profitable keywords with 1 click. 100% customizable profitability metrics

Reviews Extractor

Extract all the reviews of a competitor’s book with 1 click, choose 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars and you will get a CSV file with all the reviews of the requested book

Precise data directly on Amazon™ page

Check out each book’s BSR directly on page in Kindle, Paperback, and Audio formats. Find out now if it’s a Self publisher and the publication dates for each available format

Accurate on-page data on Audible™

Check out each book’s BSR right on page on Audible. Find out right away if it’s a Self publisher and analyze the publication date of each audiobook

Keep track of your earnings on ACX™

Check at any time the earnings that each audiobook is generating and the total 

Simply install the extension on your Google Chrome browser to start enjoying the benefits of Audiosuite immediately!

Once installed you will find all the active functions on the Amazon™ and Audible™ pages that you will open.



  • Automatic BSR calculation of books on Audible™

    It allows a much faster and immediate analysis of the kw in the audio perspective

  • BSR Kindle, Paperback and Audio Preview

    On Amazon™ under each book you'll see the BSR of Kindle, paperback and audio on the first page so you'll have all the data you need immediately

  • Automatic calculation of book values on Audible™

    Summary table of the values of each book with automatic analysis of the profitability of kw according to your parameters

Check Disclaimers.






Relax with 100% Satisfied or Refunded formula within 14 days of purchase.

If you are not satisfied we will refund you all the money! No questions.

Give us a chance to show you how it can greatly improve your experience on Amazon™ and Audible™!

Now You Have Just 2 Choices:


Decide to continue searching for keywords in the standard way:

  • You will waste a lot of time

    Continuing to spend hours in front of the pc looking for profitable keywords going to analyze BSRs and other information manually

  • You won't be able to scale up fast

    You will focus all your efforts on keyword research and risk wasting weeks on this activity instead of scaling your business by publishing more and more books.

  • You won't have an unfair advantage that others will have

    You won't be one of the lucky few who have access to all Audiosuite features and therefore have an unfair advantage over all other self-publishers

  • While you focus on finding profitable keywords....

    ...all your other fellow Self publishers meanwhile are always publishing new books and reaching their achievements....

  • NULLA cambierà!

    Everything will remain as it is now and you will continue to do the same things as always and have the same problems


Get your hands on a tested and working tool that will allow you to speed up the whole process of keyword analysis on Amazon™ and Audible™ on all markets (except Japanese), continuously supported by our team of professional developers even in the face of changes by Amazon™.

A tool designed down to the last detail to make your life as a self-publisher easier.



Yearly License / Stop When You Want
  • Supported Marketplaces: .IT/.ES/.FR/DE/.CA/.CO.UK/.COM/COM.AU
  • Automatic Keyword Analysis* On All Markets
  • Reviews Extractor
  • Check total and per audiobook earnings with the ACX Report
  • BSR Tracking on Amazon & Audible on All Marketplaces (Coming soon)
  • BONUS: Facebook Group Support
  • Continuous application support from the team of developers

ATTENTION! The number of licenses is limited.

New features will be released soon so it is possible that price will go up.

Buy NOW to secure full access at the current price!


The application was developed only for Google Chrome.

100% secure. Once installed, the extension will never ask you for any data regarding acx or any other data

No, it’s not possible. For each purchase, a user license is assigned and cannot be shared with others.

Scroll up the page and click on the "Yes, I want to find profitable keywords" button.

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