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To download Audiosuite go to the following link.


If you experience problems with the operation of audioSuite, follow these steps:
  1 – Make sure you have the latest version installed.
  2 – If you see “No rank” for each book on each keyword, make sure you have given permissions to all sites by right-clicking on the extension icon and choosing “Manage Extension”. From here check all the sites you see.
  3 – If the extension does not work, nothing appears under each book and you do not even see the writing “No rank”, most likely you do not have the latest version as chrome has not automatically updated you. You can solve it by going to the extension page (link above) and clicking on “Update”.
4 – Often the VPN can create conflicts. If you’re having trouble working, try turning off VPN
If AFTER TRYING THESE STEPS you should not have solved, fill in the following support form.

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